Stories unite sojourners on the path of life. Those stories must be told.

Hello friends,
welcome to SkinnyBear Quilts.

I have travelled to over forty countries in four continents and met people from all walks of life.

I discovered that no matter where they live and what circumstances they have to deal with,
most people feel that life is much more than it seems.

That we all long for the same thing – meaning and unconditional love.

And that we all struggle.

When we share and listen to each other’s stories, we relate. We understand better.

Borders, cultures, and languages divide us.

But visual art crosses all those, because it speaks the universal language – the language of the human heart.

That is why I use my art as a way to connect my story with yours. My heart language is quilts.

I know you are also on a journey and long for more.

Come, join. Let’s walk together.

SkinnyBear hugs,
Lexie Bykova.

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What new stories will quilts tell?

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